What is the Santé Sisterhood?

We are a collective of women creating community around health and aliveness, built on the shared knowledge and innate wisdom that we all hold. 


Santé Sisterhood mentors range from experienced coaches, healers, community workers, communication and dialogue specialists, mindfulness practitioners and more. Through our own lived experience, we know the reality of healing through self-direction and a holistic approach. We have all been on our own journeys and using the power of sisterhood, have found vulnerability as strength.

Put simply: women are offering other women (and those identifying as) safe, non-judgemental space within which to explore themselves as a whole, to understand their own needs and address them with collective support.


We value vulnerability as a great strength, and the place from which healing and new life begins. We are supporting women to regain autonomy over their own health and bodies in the context of global social change, regenerating culture around values of innate wisdom, self-knowledge and the power of the collective. 


Is The Santé Sisterhood for you? 

The Santé Sisterhood is open to anyone who is a woman (or identifies as) and is interested in their health and well being. We are a community of women welcoming others to join us in empowering themselves to feel alive, well and connected. You may not feel as though you a 'suffering' necessarily but may want to reach out and speak to someone about your thoughts, feelings and experiences for a number of reasons. We are not medical experts but a group of real women with a wealth of experience from our own healing journeys and practices, learning more from one another daily. 

So how does this work?  

  • After we receive your initial response, we have a chat to find out more then we create a connection with a relevant and experienced female mentor who hold a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise and compassion. 

  • Your mentor will create space with you to address challenges around: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, happiness, energy, vitality, sustainability (personal and wider), self-acceptance and overall health. Interested? More details on the process and how we can support you can be found here.

  • If relevant we can offer referrals to practitioners we think could best or further support you.


  • Mentoring is for anyone who would like someone to talk to. We offer particular support around a number of areas including loss of energy, poor health, depression and anxiety, but not exclusively.  

  • We offer guidance through a range of areas including lifestyle, habits, personal circumstances, spirituality, relationships, work-life, purpose, sexuality, communication and more. 

  • Women in our carefully chosen collective offer mentoring, coaching, mindfulness, movement therapy, body work, energy work, narrative and story work, communication and boundary-setting work.

  • Our approach to mentoring means holistic assessment and support in a safe, non-judgemental compassionate space. This means looking at all elements of your life, and how they tie together, with you in the middle.



  • Mentors are connected and share their knowledge, experience, findings and skills with each other regularly to support each others development, and the strength of their mentoring offer.  

  • As a collective we believe in the power of real, innate and learned wisdom we hold as women, and especially when shared. We invite anyone to share their stories and journeys with us to grow the pool of knowledge, or to contact us if they would like to get involved or contact us in any other way. 

  • Access to shared reading, information, articles and writing from the community.

Guardians and Mentors of the Sisterhood

Hannah Bowman
Guardian and Mentor

I grew up in south east London and have spent the last 7 years working on community projects. My work has predominantly been with women and young people in challenging circumstances including poverty, isolation, poor mental health and violence. The power of community, respect, and creativity have always been central to me, and I work with compassion, empathy and joy wherever possible. I am also a qualified yoga practitioner, mental health first-aider and experienced in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

Healing Journey : I burnt out and became chronically ill (diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) some years ago and had to stop, strip back everything and transform my life in order to heal. This process has been scary, confusing and lonely as well as life-changing and awakening. I have self-navigated my healing, with the support of many sisters and mothers through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, diet, body work, re-connection with earth and major lifestyle changes.

Specialist areas: fatigue, stress, depression, pain, energy, yoga, meditation, mindfulness.

Jeya Lorenz
Guardian and Mentor 

Born to a homeopath/artist father and a yoga teacher/death and birth doula mother - I have been immersed in the world of holistic therapy and healing since I was little. I was fortunate to experience a huge number of different types of healing modalities and practices through my work with different practitioners after setting up a conscious retreat and event space in London. For the past decade I have worked in the environmental and sustainability sectors as well as wellbeing, most recently completing my practitioner training journey with Pause Place. 

Healing journey: I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and codependency issues as well as coming out the other side of a pretty major unravelling (some may call it a break down) --stronger than ever. 

Specialist areas: purpose, relationships, meaningful connection, returning to simplicity, finding calm. 


All images are generously loaned to us by number 1 photographer sister and ultimate babe; Imogen Forte - buy her prints here and see more of her amazing work: www.imogenforte.com