How we work

What is the value of a mentor? 

  • Wisdom : A mentor is someone who may deeply understand and resonate with your personal experiences, who can guide from a place of knowing and experience, rather than a qualification (although many of our mentors have many of these!).

  • Safe and non-judgemental space: A mentor is there to listen to you and process your story without judgement, blame, shaming or telling you what to do. They are someone safe and independent of friends or family who can listen without judgement and offer compassionate and honest conversation. Everyone deserves the right to sit in a space of unconditional acceptance. 

  • Flexibility: A mentor has the time and space to get to know you as an individual and to work with you as you are. They can look at all elements of you and work holistically to assess and address challenges; creating space for real change and transformation. They are not bound to a specific field or discipline, even though they may have expertise in a range of different areas.

We believe that a solid ground for healing can be found through focused work, the space to be heard and to share and receive information with and from experienced women, who are themselves supported by a wider collective of experienced women. From experience, navigating the landscape of health and wellbeing can be overwhelming and confusing.


We offer 1:1 mentoring and talking space in a flexible way, designed to best suit you and your mentor to work together. This will generally on Skype or over the phone unless you decide otherwise with your mentor. To get started simply send us a message or fill out the form on the 'join us' page and we will go from there. There is no commitment having filled out the form, and information provided is confidential.

Cost of sessions range between £50-£80 per hour, however all mentors offer a sliding scale option. Prices vary from mentor to mentor, and some are able to offer reduced rate for initial session etc. There is space on the joining form to give us some information about what you are able to afford.


Mentors are part of the collective of carefully chosen women who hold shared values, and forms a container for knowledge, skills and experiences in order that it can be shared and re-shared with others. Mentors work to share knowledge with each other, share skills and practices to strengthen the support we offer others.


Some examples of potential challenges faced by those considering sister mentoring:

  • Low energy, sluggishness, fatigue, loss of vitality

  • Chronic fatigue, ME, chronic low-level pain and discomfort

  • Loss of direction, purpose, motivation and drive

  • Depression and low mood

  • Anxiety

  • General low health

  • Isolation, loneliness, lack of connection

  • Low confidence

  • Relationship and friendship struggles including barriers around communication and self-expression

  • Desire to look at life more holistically and join some dots

  • Desire to reconnect with women and sisterhood

  • Unhealthy or unaligned lifestyle

  • Desire to explore spirituality and the divine feminine, feminine energy and what it means to be a woman with a trusted other

What can I expect?

We believe that sharing with other women is one of the most ancient and empowering healing tools, and our mentors have a range of skills and professional experiences together with their personal journeys which make each of them unique. We hope for you to be paired with a mentor who best resonates with you and your journey. 

  • What the mentoring will look like (where it takes place, how long for, how it is structured, etc.) will be decided between you and the mentor. The idea is that mentor relationships are tailored to best meet the needs of those involved so you get the most out of them.

  • You are free to change mentor or end your mentoring sessions at any time - they are for you!

  • We hope that women and girls who take part in mentoring stay involved in the collective or feel inspired to support other women they know. We welcome women to share their stories, feedback and ideas (or anything else!) which may help other women on their journey with the collective to make the work we do even more powerful. We will aim to keep a digital space open for all women who have come through us to connect, share and feel heard. 

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