Mentors and Guardians 


Hannah Bowman

Guardian & Mentor

I grew up in South-East London and have spent the last 7 years working on community projects. My work has predominantly been with women and young people in challenging circumstances including poverty, isolation, mental health and violence. The power of community, respect and creativity has always been central to me and I always work with compassion and empathy and joy wherever possible. I am also a qualified yoga teacher and a mental health first aider.


Healing Journey : I became chronically ill some years ago and had to stop, strip back everything and transform my life in order to heal. This process has been scary, confusing and lonely as well as life-changing and awakening. I have self-navigated my healing, with the support of many sisters and mothers through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, diet, body work and major lifestyle changes. (Read more here).

Specialist areas: fatigue, stress, depression, energy, yoga, meditation.

Hannah currently offers sessions on Skype and will be offering in person 1-1's again in the UK from May. 


Jeya Lorenz

Guardian & Mentor

Born to a homeopath/artist father and a yoga teacher/death and birth doula mother - I have been immersed in the world of holistic therapy and healing since I was little. I was fortunate to experience a huge number of different types of healing modalities and practices through my work with different practitioners after setting up a conscious retreat and event space in London. For the past decade I have worked in the environmental and sustainability sectors as well as wellbeing, most recently completing my practitioner training journey with Pause Place. 

Healing journey: I suffered from Anxiety, panic attacks and codependency issues as well as coming out the other side of a pretty major unravelling (some may call it a break down) --stronger than ever. 

Specialist areas: purpose, relationships, meaningful connection, returning to simplicity, finding calm. 


Rebecca Moore


Born and raised in London I am a self-professed generalist and wellbeing practitioner, with a background in entrepreneurship, mentorship and coaching. 

My offering incorporates movement, meditation and healing energy work - fusing western and ancient techniques, grounded in love, presence and connection.

I most enjoy creating soulful spaces for individuals and groups to share openly, explore curiously and transform deeply.

My training includes spiritual leadership, business, mindfulness, meditation and yoga. 

Healing journey: Struggles with insecurity, inferiority and body image began at a very early age. Often I felt a dark and unsettling void deep within. I engaged in all sorts of destructive behaviours in a desperate bid to numb the discomfort, but the relief was always short lived. My healing journey began with the study of yogic philosophy, learning to forgive and the experience of unconditional love. I now aim to inspire unfoldment in others and look for beauty in every moment. 

Specialist subjects: creative wellbeing, self-inquiry/exploration, yoga, meditation, breath-work. 
I offer group facilitation, retreats and private 1-1 sessions in person or online.


Masi Fraysse



Xochi Balfour




Kate White


Kate's mentoring sessions are devoted to the wisdom that lives within each of us. Guided by an intuitive approach that is deeply connected to nature, she creates space for you to share and discover what it is that you really need. 


Kate's healing journey began at age 19 when her father took his own life. The shock and heartbreak of this loss, would open the doors to a powerful awakening. Whilst navigating the depths of her grief, her path became focused on the sacred guidance and support that is available to us right here in this moment. 


Drawing from the depth of her personal experience, Kate now supports people as they navigate the changing nature of life - pointing directly to the wisdom of the heart which knows the way. Honouring the seasons and cycles of our lives, her work is rooted in presence and tailored to the unique needs of each person she has the privilege of sharing this journey with.


She offers both private and group support sessions.


She offers both private sessions online and in person.

Specialist subjects:

Therapy, Bereavement counselling, Guided Meditation.

I am a mama, feminine spirituality guide and mentor, and Women’s Temple Facilitator (Awakening Women).


I work with women to heal, re-member and empower ourselves and each other through nature-based practice and listening. I focus principally on altar work, plant wisdom and ritual, reconnecting women to the earth and our place within her cycles in a loving space of sisterhood.

I create the space for women and mothers to remember how innately wise, powerful and loving we really are, above and beyond the stories we have carried on our shoulders for generations.

I nurture a supportive space of sisterhood where we can feel held to heal our individual and collective wounds together, remembering the divine ways of the feminine, and stepping with grace, gentleness and love into our most radiant, powerful selves - through sacred practice, plant allies, earth-based ritual and remembrance of our shared place of belonging within our great mother, Nature. Reclaiming our own cycles and the wisdom of our wombs is central to this work. I have also trained in the deeply sacred ways of Women’s Temple with Awakening Women.

Healing journey:

My healing journey began when I hit burnout in my twenties and trained in Naturopathic Nutrition (Dip NT, CNM). Working with women in clinic I immediately recognised the power of nurturing a deep and profound connection to the wombspace, the feminine cycles and our ultimate mother, Nature, to help bring us into greater healing and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. At the same time, crossing the immensely powerful threshold into Motherhood wove together new and significant pieces of a long healing journey, and initiated me deeper into the codes of the womb, of our innate feminine potency and essence. In my work I touch on the threads of this weaving that have been so fundamental to my own journey of remembrance as a woman rising now: making space for our shared trauma, fragmentation, isolation, fear, shame and deep longing, to transmute them into the exquisite reclamation of our most graceful, empowered and authentic selves. As women we hold the precious key to intuitive nurturing deep within, from our ancestors past to the ancestors we will become: now is the moment to reclaim our forgotten wisdom and step into our unique power and purpose. As my learning deepens and the community grows, I am always deeply humbled by the inspiration and possibilities that unfold in daily life.

Specialist areas : womb connection, self-love + acceptance, empowered womanhood, the Mother wound, birth trauma, trust, authentic self-expression, creativity, ritual, prayer, Goddess consciousness 

I was born and raised in London to a Persian mother and French father with a deep appreciation for the mysteries of life. Initially I worked within the creative industries but it was clear to me that my soul longed to be in service. My studies of the yoga tradition expanded after committing to this path in 2016 having trained through a traditional 1-1 apprenticeship. My work focusses on women from all backgrounds, reminding them of their innate shakti energy; I create a safe and nourishing web to explore ourselves. My aim is to guide you through nourishing practises which inspires you to walk this earth with grace. I flow between traditions rooted in Hatha, flowing to vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga. Meditation plays an integral part of my offering with the aim of finding stillness within ourselves. Always remembering that this is a practise, not a perfect. 


Healing journey: 

My healing journey began as a little girl age 6 through yoga movement therapy, after my parents divorce. My healing continued through severe heartbreaks and this is where the practise showed up for me greatly. I was able to both re-empower and heal myself. I spent many years re-connecting with my soul through self-study and the power of embodiment. I found connection within elements of dance and yoga I never thought possible. I started having visions of holding space for women rooted in ancient traditions which brought me to tears. I knew the tears were signifying my soul recognising this path and I felt compelled to share with humility and do so now with the humbleness of my heart. 



Specialist subjects: 

Yoga, meditation, women's health, womb awareness, stress, anxiety, disembodiment, lack of self worth. 


Jessica Ball


Knowledge Sharing Facilitator 

I work with creative facilitation processes, emotional sustainability theory, and communication skills to unlock new thinking and harness collective intelligence. I create inclusive spaces necessary for experiences to be safely shared and heard, whilst enabling people to explore and learn from different perspectives. I am passionate about creating meaning, connection and action from a foundation of shared values. My unique approach improves relationships through greater understanding and empathy, and fosters collaboration and creative thinking. I work and have worked in a variety of contexts including community, the arts, inclusion and diversity and global development among others. I am experienced in dialogue facilitation and non-violent communication practices.

Healing journey: 

I spent most of my 20s feeling lost, and having no idea what I really wanted to do with myself. I purposefully left London, finding myself in Egypt for 6 years. On returning from Cairo to the UK, a month before my 30th birthday I felt like a failure - no money, no job, a failed relationship of four and a half years and back living with my parents. It was from this place, that felt like rock bottom, that I finally had to find out who I really was, what lessons I had to learn, and what I had to offer the world. I am still on this journey of self discovery, but now I am well equipped with a better understanding of who I am and an emotional sustainability ‘toolkit’ from which I can manage myself and the situations and relationships I find myself in. It has been a challenging and often painful process, but I have come to realise there is no growth without pain, and there is no adventure without uncertainty. The communication skills and techniques I have discovered and developed on this journey have woven themselves together into a practice that I believe can both improve personal well being but also contribute to positive social and environmental change by allowing people to collaborate from a place of honesty and fresh thinking.

Specialist subjects: 

Emotional sustainability, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Dialogue (Bohm model), Serious Play, group facilitation and  sharing circles. 


Ella Carey 


Born and raised in the wilds of west Wales, Ella developed a deep bond with her natural surroundings and a great admiration for the wisdom of mother earth. 

Her father is a physics teacher, her mother is an artist – and she knows that they have both influenced her approach, for she views her work as both science and art. 

     She believes that the future of healthcare lies in bespoke nutrition (she is a qualified nutritionist) and honouring the persons own journey as a path to wholeness. She approaches her work from the premise that there is nothing wrong with anyone, and we all simply need some holding, with expertise and skill – to guide us back to our whole self.

      Her work connects people back to their innate magic, and she reminds them that their own capacity to love and be loved is the most healing medicine of all. 



​Healing journey: I come from a long line of women with mental health imbalances – my grandmother suffered with psychosis, and my mother experienced PND when I was little.    How this affected my own life was so deep and vast, that subconsciously I always knew that my lifes work would somehow be centred around bringing powerful tools for mental health to the fore.

   I was studying nutrition when my 2nd son was born, and after a difficult birth and losing a lot of blood – we were both given broad spectrum antibiotics. This marked the start of a downward spiral of health issues for my son- including digestive issues, skin eruptions, weak teeth, and chronic anxiety. I approached these issues from a nutrition perspective, and discovered the (then little known) link between gut and mental health. After empowering myself with knowledge, I used diet to heal my families’ health, including my own long -standing health issues. The growth that this journey has facilitated in me as a person and practitioner and parent is hard to quantify.

Specialist areas: Purpose, Life Direction, Mental Health, Hormones, Gut Health, Vitality & Energy, trauma

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