Why are we doing this? 

  • We are living in extreme times, and it is being recognised by the scientific and world health community that autoimmune, common mental health conditions and other diseases are on the rise. This is most likely due to huge increase in stress under modern and relentless working practices, disconnection from natural cycles, massive over-stimulation and environmental factors such as chemical and toxin exposure, displacement, over-use and over-circulation of foods, medications and products.

  • In a rapidly changing society where chronic health and mental health conditions are worsening, we are finding health services becoming more and more precarious, and unable to cope with complex and 'incurable' and chronic conditions.

  • We are taking an active and peer-supported approach to healing and supporting women to regain autonomy over their health through pooled knowledge and a widened range of healing practices. Our understanding is that empowerment is key, and that women hold a wealth of innate wisdom about their own minds and bodies which is invaluable to themselves and others, which are often devalued and ignored.

  • We recognise the power of a holistic and person-centred approach, and believe that true health and healing goes beyond the realms of current conventional treatment. We believe that every individual holds the key to their own health and vitality, that this can get lost or hidden from us and that connection with sisters, peers, role models and experienced practitioners can unlock our own healing powers.

  •  We don't aim undermine the value of western doctors, psychotherapists and pharmaceuticals and the wonders of free health care, but feel these approaches can be one-dimensional and better integrated. We know that there are a huge number of people suffering from ill health which conventional health perspectives neither explain, address or support. We work to support healing rather than 'cure'.

Why Women?

  • Women are disproportionately affected by common mental health disorders, as auto-immune diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes, asthma) making up between 75-80% of sufferers (go to our blog for more information and links to research).

  • Women and their intrinsic and innate knowledge about themselves, their bodies, their cycles and their lives have been devalued, commodified and placed in the power of those outside of themselves for centuries. How do we work to reclaim this when we no longer live in close communities, removed from the land and nature, or in isolation? We feel it is by building community in a different way and connecting with others with shared experience.

  • Women are often socially and culturally overburdened, holding entire families and social structures together with very little support. A very rigid structure directing how women should look, feel and act creates a huge amount of undue stress on women and girls today. We believe that women hold foundational roles within society, and as women we can begin wider healing by understanding and working on ourselves.

  • We want to support a whole generation of women to decondition the way they think about their health and their bodies as being one dimensional, and to acknowledge that there are so many more factors socially, culturally and environmentally that can have a huge impact on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

All images are generously loaned to us by number 1 photographer sister and ultimate babe; Imogen Forte - buy her prints here and see more of her amazing work: www.imogenforte.com